3 Quick Ways to Increase Your Rankings

In a world of millions of websites and billions of Google searches, even the coolest products and sites are hidden in the masses.  Sometimes it feels like you will never be found.  While a concentrated and continuous effort of SEO can increase your chances of being discovered, there are also a couple of quick things […]

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Bing Social Search and How It Affects Your Company

Recently, the search engine known as Bing has integrated data from the social media site, Facebook, into its search results in a feature entitled “Social Search”. Now, when Bing users search for most anything, they will be able to see how many people have liked the specific pages that appear in the results returned to […]

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Bing Now a Default Search Option on Firefox

Google and Firefox have worked together for years to create better search and browser integration and they will continue to do so. But the release of Firefox 4 brings with it an intriguing new development. Bing is now a default search option for Firefox.

This obviously brings up some interesting questions for the future of search. […]

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Google and BING Search Engines Celebrate Valentine's Day!

On this fine Valentines’ Day where lovers embrace and singles groan, Google and BING have decided to celebrate with colorful search engine doodles.

Google took a different approach from their usual horizontal “Google doodle” to create a more vertical logo, inspired by Robert Indiana’s 1973 eight cent love stamp.

BING on the other hand took their traditional […]

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The Facebook and Bing Team

Last week Facebook and Microsoft made an interesting announcement that integrates Facebook data with the Bing search engine. Their announcement could bring a significant change to how results can be found in a search engine. It will change how buyers will find your web site and what you need to do to maximize your […]

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Bing Ranking Algorithm Uses Click Through Rate

Steve Tullis, Senior Program Manager Lead, Bing, Microsoft confirmed that click through rate is an important factor in the Bing raking algorithm.

Simply stated: If you rank for a key term and your customers aren’t clicking on your link your rankings are going to move down and you’ll be in need of local search engine optimization […]

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Search Engine Changes for Yahoo

For more than five years Yahoo has slowly been losing it’s search engine users. Yahoo has recently introduced a series of new features in hopes to better contend with the search-engine-giant Google.

Attempting to make the Yahoo search engine more “actionable,” Yahoo is integrating what it calls “quick apps”.The first test of these new “quick apps” […]

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Yahoo to Become Big Brother

Everyone is talking about Facebook’s new location-based service, and so far there are mixed feelings about it and the privacy concerns it brings up. But for those who are complaining that Facebook is sounding a little like Big Brother, apparently they haven’t heard about Yahoo’s newest patent. Only days after finalizing a patent to predict the future, Yahoo was granted a patent for their new “Who, What, When, Where Communications Network” (or W4 COMN for short).

Basically, they will use this technology to gather information about anyone or anything connected to the Internet. It presents a framework for them to crawl and index anything and everything, taking notice of, well, everything. For example, […]

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Bing Is Finally Powering Yahoo Searches

After plenty of talking, buying, and rumors, Bing is finally powering yahoo searches. But what does that really mean?

Microsoft now controls 28.1 percent of the search engine market. Google is still looking high and mighty at 65.8 percent.

If you do any kind of search, it may look the same, but simply look at the status […]

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Yahoo's Patent to Predict the Future

Yesterday Yahoo was granted a patent they filed in 2009 that allows them to use the internet and how people are acting on the internet to predict future outcome of events.

That’s right, predicting the future. Their patent includes formulas and methods that use internet activity to provide a general prediction for how something will happen. […]

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