Improve Your Productivity by Creating Your Own Writing Ritual

I grew up watching the Utah Jazz play basketball in the late 90s. This was their heyday, when they reached the NBA finals twice (only to be beaten by Michael Jordan’s Bulls).

One of my favorite players was a shooting guard named Jeff Honacek (current coach of the Phoenix Suns).

Hornacek had a signature move. It wasn’t […]

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How Frequently Should I Write Blog Posts?

Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience, encourage communication and interaction, and improve your SEO rankings. Hopefully your blog will even lead to some conversions and sales.

But how often should you write a blog post? What is the magical blogging schedule that will keep you relevant and give you the results you […]

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Headlines that Pay for Themselves

Your business could write a million posts for your blog and your website and never get a single hit- unless you have an attention-grabbing headline. Your blog could even be the most well-written piece on the most interesting topic in the world, but with a headline like “Get Car Insurance Today,” no one is going […]

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Your Reputation Hangs by a Comma

When writing is your bread and butter, everything you put on digital paper can either make or break your reputation. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a blog post for SEO purposes or a sequel to a popular book. People judge your writing on three factors: level of interest, word choice, and grammatical accuracy.
Piece of Interest
Your audience’s […]

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