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Is the Panda update influencing your site?

How do you organize your office? Are you the creative type that can’t be concerned with filing cabinets? Do you have piles of folders, documents, and receipts scattered throughout your office? Or, are you the meticulous, organized type that has an assigned place for everything?

If you relate more closely with the creative type, perhaps you […]

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Penguin 2.0 and the SEO Industry

On May 22, 2013, Google updated its Penguin algorithm to a new standard: Penguin 2.0(or Penguin 4). The idea behind Penguin is to drive sites with low quality content and links down in search rankings while also identifying websites worthy of being on the first page of search results.

The original Google Penguin came out in […]

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Courage in Integrity

He was the kid that everyone picked on in grade school.  He dressed funny, had shaggy hair, was socially awkward, and his smell was a weaponized friend repellant.  He tried to make fun of the way I walked once, and then I teased him till he cried.

It happened during recces in fifth grade.  A group […]

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Good Blog Commenting

Ah, yes, blog commenting.

You didn’t know it carried any SEO weight, did you? Well, it does. Essentially it enables people to get their links up on other sites in an organic way that diversifies a website’s link profile. Google likey. However, it has come to my attention that not everyone understands what qualifies as a […]

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The Power of SEO Article Writing

Let’s talk a little white hat SEO here–more specifically, SEO article writing. SEO article writing–or guest blogging, as it can also be termed–plays a large part in Internet marketing. It combines principles of search engine optimization with the power of useful, informative content. Through creating and optimizing articles, businesses can promote themselves online and increase their […]

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Social SEO Series

Social Link Building

If you’ve been reading in the news about SEO lately, you’ve most likely heard the term “social SEO”. For years social media and SEO have been two separate worlds whose orbits have slowly been drifting together. Now in order to have a good SEO presence, you need to have a fully optimized social […]

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Possible Discount for Infographic Links

We all love a good infographic. They are bright, fun, and visually appealing. They are interesting, detailed, and have information that makes them especially shareable. People naturally want to share infographics, and because they contain links, companies are eager to produce them. A company will study tips on making a successful infographic and will search […]

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3 SEO Shortcuts Not to Take

People that are familiar with SEO understand that website ranking takes consistent efforts and significant time to see gratifying results. While lack of results may become frustrating and persuade you to shortcut your search engine optimization, viewing SEO as a fast solution will result in a poorly implemented campaign. Here are a couple of shortcuts […]

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SEO Friendly Website: Four Easy Tips

Because you are probably playing many different roles as business owner, finding time to make your website SEO friendly can be very difficult. Knowing where to start can often be the hardest part. Following these four tips can help you get started without taking large bulks out of your time and give your website the […]

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Yet another reason not to engage in Black Hat SEO

Think carefully before you go to the Black Hat side of the coin.
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