Is YouTube’s Google + Commenting System Working?

Anyone familiar with YouTube knows that its comments are notorious for being rude, obnoxious, and incredible profane. The anonymous commenting system that was in place allowed anyone to say anything anywhere and get away with it. Sort of like wearing a mask on Halloween, people feel they can do or say anything when their identity […]

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8 Common YouTube Marketing Mistakes

A LOT of time and money goes into producing high quality video content for businesses that are successful on YouTube. Don’t waste all that effort and money by making these simple YouTube Marketing mistakes.
1. Poor Title
If the name of your video showed up in a search, would you click on it? You need to make […]

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The Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time and What We Can Learn From Them

Quick, before you go to Google to look it up and before you scroll down, can you name the top five most viewed YouTube videos of all time? I thought I knew at least a few of them before I looked it up, but I was actually way off! After you take a minute to think […]

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The Internet is focusing on pictures and videos and Big Leap is too! Videos can help your business rank higher on Google, build better and more in-depth relationships with your social groups, and increase the time of each visit on your site.

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