3 Tips to Making Your Facebook Post Go Viral

With over one billion people on Facebook, it has become a great opportunity for companies who want to market themselves and expand their audience. Getting shares, likes and interactions has become increasingly more important as consumers increasingly rely on social media to inform their buying decisions. “Going viral” has become the pinnacle of social media […]

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10 Arizona Ad Agencies With A Strong Twitter Game

A recent Big Leap blog post, The Growing Effect of Social Media on Marketing, highlighted a fundamental characteristic of social media: interactivity. As much more than a platform for just photos, videos, or posts – social media is a network of webpages that allow users to interact with each other through conversation, sharing, tagging, reposting […]

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The Step-by-step Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a Marketing Tool 
Social media is not new. I’ve been using it to market clients in dozens of industries since 2007. And there are a few people out there who claim to have been doing it longer than that! But despite nearly a decade as a viable—and valuable—marketing tool, many businesses and individuals […]

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The Growing Effect Of Social Media On Marketing

Social media is everywhere and it is changing the way consumers interact with friends, learn new things, follow news stories, and make purchases. Social media will also change your marketing tactics, but in order to adapt your marketing strategies, you need a good understanding of how it has evolved.
What Is Social Media?
Social media is the […]

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How Do You Measure Success with Social Media?

Did you know that 96 percent of marketers are using social media to market their business? As one of the modern-day front-runners for marketing budgets and strategies, social media has the capability to reach an expansive target audience with minimal effort and cost. A significant increase in traffic and exposure is leading marketers to realize […]

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Google To The Max…And Then Some (Part 2)

I am back with more Google+ love! So you have your Google+ account, you might have even started creating “circles”. That is fantastic. So, let’s pick up where we left off. As a business, your goal is to grow and get more clients. With Google+, your goal should be to establish solid connections with other […]

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The Ideal Ratio Between Twitter Followers and Those you Follow

Twitter is a social media platform that is beloved by both individuals and companies.  With 135,000 new users each day, Twitter is growing fast and people are constantly trying to get new followers. Following people is easy, but gaining followers is trickier. This brings up the question, should you follow more people than follow you […]

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Should We Start Taking Emoticons Seriously in Social Media?

Emoticons have been in the news lately.

That’s right, those little smiley faces and frownies have been the subject of several high-profile studies concerning their psychological and social impact. And the main takeaway of these studies, it just so happens, is that emoticons may actually be a good thing, which raises two questions for me:

One, where […]

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We’re excited to announce our involvement in the upcoming conference for small and medium-sized businesses in the electronic security industry. Big Leap is excited to increase our involvement with this important business vertical and to participate with Advisory Summit Providers for this conference held at the one-of-a-kind Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. We look forward to […]

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Why you Should Never Buy Followers, Fans, Likes, etc.

It seems like at least once a week, one of the twitter profiles I manage will gain a new follower that will offer Instagram followers, Facebook likes, Google Plus +1’s, and more. They promise x number of followers for x number of dollars. You may have even considered it. I mean it’s a small price […]

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