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The Ideal Ratio Between Twitter Followers and Those you Follow

Twitter is a social media platform that is beloved by both individuals and companies.  With 135,000 new users each day, Twitter is growing fast and people are constantly trying to get new followers. Following people is easy, but gaining followers is trickier. This brings up the question, should you follow more people than follow you […]

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Learn the Twitter Basics

So…what’s all this talk about ‘tweets’, and ‘retweets’, and ‘favorites’? And now that you mention it, what’s a ‘hashtag’, and why do I keep seeing number signs, and letters all jumbled together and hard to read? If these questions are quite familiar to you, I’m here to help. Lots of people are talking about how […]

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Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners

Earlier this summer I wrote a post about Twitter no no’s for small businesses. In it, I discussed several common practices that you should avoid if you want your business to find success on Twitter. The next week I followed that post up by discussing how to write the perfect tweet.

This week I would like […]

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