How to Detect Spammers on Twitter

If you’ve used Twitter for your small business, you’ve probably noticed the pluses of this social media platform. Not only does Twitter provide a way for you to connect with your consumers in real time, it also allows for users to talk openly about your brand and stay updated on industry news. However, despite these […]

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Twitter Cards: Get More From 140 Characters

Do you struggle to squeeze information into just 140 characters? I don’t know about you, but I often find it difficult to make a point in such few words. This limitation is one of the few reasons why using Twitter as a small business owner can be somewhat difficult. Sometimes what you need is a […]

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Learn the Twitter Basics

So…what’s all this talk about ‘tweets’, and ‘retweets’, and ‘favorites’? And now that you mention it, what’s a ‘hashtag’, and why do I keep seeing number signs, and letters all jumbled together and hard to read? If these questions are quite familiar to you, I’m here to help. Lots of people are talking about how […]

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How Often Should You Tweet?

Social media is a great way for you, as a small business owner, to expose your business offerings and to connect with your target users. Not only can you boost awareness about your product or service offerings, you are also able to inform users about industry updates, share current stories in the news, and suggest […]

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Analyze Competitors on Twitter Using Twitonomy

It is important to know exactly who comprises your customer base and what it is that interests them. By paying close attention to your competitors on Twitter, you are given a broader glimpse into who you should follow and the content you should share. Luckily, there’s a tool that can help you get a better […]

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HootSuite vs. TweetDeck: Which is better for Twitter?

If you are searching for a tool that will allow you to manage and schedule posts for multiple Twitter accounts, chances are you will come across both HootSuite and TweetDeck. Although there are several other social media management systems out there, HootSuite and TweetDeck are by far the most popular-primarily because they both offer free […]

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Writing the Perfect Tweet

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with meaningful, sharable content that represents your brand and promotes interaction in only 140 characters? You’re not alone! Thousands of individuals and companies just like you deal with this issue every time they attempt to tweet.

Publishing a poorly written tweet can be a recipe for total brand […]

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Twitter Turns 7 – The 7 Most Influential Tweets of All Time

Twitter, our favorite character-limiting friend, has turned 7! #WayToBe In honor of this landmark, we’ve decided to compile a list of the 7 most influential tweets of all time; tweets ranging from politics to sports to business and beyond. Twitter has brought us a great 7 years, here’s to 7 more.

Present Obama – “four more […]

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Social Media Blunders and The #Oscars2013

The trending topic on twitter today has consistently been The #Oscars2013 from last night. If you didn’t watch it, continue your reading somewhere else on the interweb. An estimated 8.9 million tweets circulated the world during the event.

Did every tweet have a positive impact? Of course not!

The official Onion Twitter account tweeted a harsh message about 9-year-old Oscar nominee […]

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