5 Great Tips to Help You Find Email Addresses for Outreach

We all know what it’s like to spend hours perfecting the perfect outreach pitch, intended for a reporter or blogger, only to find that their email address is nowhere to be found. This is really frustrating, but after desperate searching, you finally resort to sending your beautiful email creation to the black hole known as the “Contact Form,” […]

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5 Tools Everyone In Digital Marketing Should Be Using

As I’ve gained more experience in the digital marketing industry I’m reminded of a quote.

“I know that I know nothing” – Socrates

Okay, so I know a little bit, but one of the fun things about digital marketing is that it’s constantly changing. Each year there are new techniques to use, tools developed, and search engine […]

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How Social Media Affects College Students

Social media use in schools can provide both benefits and drawbacks. By nature social media is neither good nor bad. It has more to do with how the technology is used. It can be a distraction or it can be a great aid.

On multiple occasions I have used Facebook as a tool to get information […]

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