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What are Google AdWords Extensions?

Google recently announced that they had updated their AdWords tool to show certain ads over others. The algorithm for deciding which ad to display has been changed in order to account for Google AdWords Extensions. After this update, those ads with extensions will be shown over those without extensions.

Now that you know that Google ads […]

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How to Track the Progress of Your Website

Over the past month, I’ve written several articles guiding you through some steps to technically optimizing your website. From metadata, to website structure, to using some Google Developer tools, you should have a good understanding of some basic technical optimization.

Well, now that you’ve spent a few hours getting your feet wet by building websites, familiarizing […]

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What is Technical Optimization?

SEO is a multifaceted industry that relies on the proper balance and integration of all its parts to work the most efficiently and effectively. Of course, link building is vital to successful SEO, as is content creation, content distribution, web design, etc. But, how would all these “front end” SEO tactics work if everything behind […]

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