Success & Strong Visuals

As marketers we've been told thousands of times how important a strong visual is. But could it be the link to our success? Absolutely, having a strong visual story could change the way viewers see your brand. So let's take a look at some facts and figures: The average attention span is 5 seconds. 7% [...]

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How to Use Google + for SEO

In my blog post last week, I discussed the benefits of using Google + for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I promised that I would write a post this week about HOW to use Google + for SEO, so here you go! As Social Media continues to develop and dominate the internet, we are seeing a [...]

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SEO Benefits of Google +

Although Google has specifically stated that +1's on Google + have no impact on search rankings,  there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a strong Google + presence significantly impacts SEO efforts. If you are a small business owner seeking to maximize the reach of your brand and increase traffic to your website, optimizing [...]

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Social SEO Series

Social Link Building If you’ve been reading in the news about SEO lately, you’ve most likely heard the term “social SEO”. For years social media and SEO have been two separate worlds whose orbits have slowly been drifting together. Now in order to have a good SEO presence, you need to have a fully optimized [...]

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