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What Organic Reach Drop Means for Facebook

Companies using Facebook as a marketing tool are starting to notice that the organic reach of their posts is significantly declining. This can be frustrating, especially given the fact that for a long time Facebook has been a space where information could be distributed freely. Is this not the case anymore? Why are less people […]

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Are You A Narcissist?

(First off, I need to remind you all how difficult it is to type out the word narcissist. OK, difficult is a strong word–it’s more that the letter “s” is so frequented that it becomes easy to slur them all together: narcissisisisisisistisssst.)

That being said, if you are an active tweeter and Facebooker, you might be […]

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Twitter and Facebook Making Major Changes

Social Networking sites Twitter and Facebook have both announced new features for users which aim to improve the overall experience. Twitter has released its own Twitter Analytics tool for public use and Facebook has officially adopted clickable hashtags in order to better organize topics and monetize searches.

The initial implementation of the hashtag on Twitter has […]

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How To Use Vine Effectively

Many people think, “What could you possibly do in 6 seconds?”  The answer: a lot.

Vine, the mobile app that enables its user to create and post 6 second video clips, can be a very powerful tool.  Texting changed communication; sending pictures is always fun.

But nothing has as much effect on our emotions as video.  Video […]

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Social Media and the Boston Marathon Bombings

The United States, if not the world, was rocked this past week when the Boston Marathon was bombed. The past week has consisted of a nationwide manhunt to catch the suspects, who were successfully apprehended within the week. When I say nationwide, I mean nationwide. Social media sites, like Reddit and Twitter, became a source […]

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Coming to a Desktop Near You: Facebook's Newest Features

Facebook came out with two more features today for Pages used by brands and popular public profiles (10,000+ followers): it is adding direct replies and threaded comments. While I salivate over the idea of having 10,000+ followers, I’ll focus on the benefits these feature will have for Business Pages.

Both replies and threaded comments – which […]

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Will Pinterest Help Your Small Business?

Many business owners have a lot of questions about how beneficial social media and SEO is for their small business. The cautious approach they take is generally merited, particularly because they didn’t grow up seeing Internet marketing as a way to grow a client base. However, with social networks, like Facebook, who have over a […]

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Is There A Formula for Viral Videos?

We live in a world where people can go from being nobody’s to pop icons in a matter of months. Take Psy, for example. The music video for his song, “Gangnam Style” has accrued more than 1.25 billion (with a B) hits since being posted last year in July.

In the years since YouTube was launched, […]

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YouTube Capture App Helps Create Online Content

We all know and love YouTube as our favorite place to watch videos online of just about anything we can imagine. It has everything from sports highlights, to live music, to entire videos dedicated to people falling down.

YouTube has long been the most popular destination for people to upload their favorite home videos, and some […]

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Your Business Should Be On Google+

If you’re thinking there was a freaky little typo at the end of the title (Hey honey, this moron accidentally put a + at the end of Google. Can you believe the kids these days?) you will be pleased to know that, although there are a lot of things wrong with kids these days, this […]

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