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Using Social Media To Your Brand-Vantage

Social media is a communication tool that brings people together. However, it seems that often social media can cause more harm than good, especially when it involves your personal or professional brand and reputation.

This is where the best brands (personal and corporate) have learned to use social media not as a form of advertising and […]

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Recent Changes to Facebook’s Advertising Options

As some of you may be aware, Facebook has been making a lot of changes to their ads. While I won’t talk about all of the changes, I’ll detail the ones that I feel are the most pertinent to social media marketing. These are the changes to event advertising and the ability to schedule ads.
Advertising […]

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Facebook Video Ads: The Next Big Thing?

We’ve written before about the many tools Facebook offers, from audience insights to unnervingly specific targeting options. Today though, we’re writing about something that hasn’t been released to the general public yet – video ads.
Facebook Video Ads
Ever since I started working for Big Leap I have fallen in love with Facebook ads. Vastly different from […]

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The Importance of Facebook Sponsored Posts

Organic reach has been dropping over the past while. This means less and less of your fans will see your posts in their newsfeed. Alas, what can be done?!? Here at Big Leap, we’ve been using several tactics to maintain a strong Facebook presence. Facebook has given companies a variety of ways to reach their […]

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How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

There are 2 new LinkedIn accounts created every second. 

There were approximately 300 million users as of May 01, 2014 – 100 million of which were in the US.

40% of these 300 million users said the check LinkedIn daily.

So what does this mean for you?  It means you’re a drop in the bucket; however, there are […]

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The How-to of Twitter Analytics

Do you manage a Twitter account for your small business? Do you often get confused as to whom, on Twitter, you should be speaking, and just what exactly you should say? Well, good news! In June of last year, Twitter rolled out a free analytics tool—called Twitter Analytics—that will help you answer these questions for […]

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Visual Content and the Case for Instagram

Several years ago Instagram was a niche social network. It wasn’t generating revenue and was essentially thought of as a tool where young people could pretend they were expert photographers. According to a recent study, however, approximately 18% of cell phone owners now use Instagram on their phone. More than a third of these people […]

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How to Detect Spammers on Twitter

If you’ve used Twitter for your small business, you’ve probably noticed the pluses of this social media platform. Not only does Twitter provide a way for you to connect with your consumers in real time, it also allows for users to talk openly about your brand and stay updated on industry news. However, despite these […]

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New Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

As a small business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to get your product in front of consumers. And, because the world is leaning heavily toward online marketing, it is important to establish yourself on social media. Luckily, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are making it easier than ever to promote your […]

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Instagram Direct: What’s in it for Businesses?

Last month Instagram unveiled “Instagram Direct” a new tool that, as the name implies, allows users to send pictures directly to individual followers. The feature also lets users comment privately once an image is shared. The release of Instagram Direct closed out a big year for the Facebook-owned app, one that brought several new features […]

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