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The Big Leap 12 Step Program for Excellent Content Creation

Like a recovering addict’s 12-step program, a sustainable content strategy needs to be constantly re-evaluated and re-assessed. You never leave the program—you’re an addict for life.

These 12 steps for content marketers are intended to be applied and re-applied, with adjustments made as you go. It’s a never-ending wheel of content creation that will roll your […]

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The Best Social Media Site for Google Rankings

Everyone has their favorite social networking site. First MySpace, then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+ etc. As SEO specialists, there’s one that we should really try to take advantage of, and that’s Google+.

In this world of interconnectedness, integration, and being logged into (what seems to be) 50 services at once it’s no surprise that your […]

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Facebook Replies to Vine with Instagram Video

In the fall of 2012 Twitter acquired a small company that was working on what was to become the most popular video app today: Vine. Vine released on January 24, 2013 on iOS devices and finally came to Android devices early this month.

Vine allows users to create short, 6 second videos and share them with […]

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Do Share a Game Changer?

Every so often an app or add-on comes along and blows peoples’ minds, changing how they do things.  Sometimes, it’s a social-life changing program like Facebook.  Other times it’s an app that watches over your nextdoor neighbor and your community.  Sometimes, it’s a simple browser extension that can save you some time.

Do Share is an […]

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Google+ Broadens Use of Vanity URLs

Earlier this month, Google+ announced that it was beginning to offer vanity URLs to confirmed accounts, e.g. well known celebrities or organizations. Now, they are being made available to more users, but there’s a catch.

Up until the announcement that Google+ would begin using vanity URLs, the URL structure for profiles simply consisted of a series […]

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