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Place Pins: Integrating Maps on Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the most prominent social media platforms out there due to the simplicity of finding photos of things that you love. As any good social media site would do, they continue to update and implement new tactics as they see necessary. The newest implementation: Place Pins.
What is Place Pins?
Place Pins is […]

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Interestingly enough this debate has been settled. The pronunciation of the acronym GIF has been announced by its creator. Steve Wilhite stated, “It’s a soft ‘g,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story,” This, however, has sparked quite a bit of discussion on most of the social media sites. If you want to know the general public’s […]

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YouTube Capture App Helps Create Online Content

We all know and love YouTube as our favorite place to watch videos online of just about anything we can imagine. It has everything from sports highlights, to live music, to entire videos dedicated to people falling down.

YouTube has long been the most popular destination for people to upload their favorite home videos, and some […]

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Facebook Timeline Updates

Much to the chagrin (that’s right, I said “chagrin”)  of, well, 800 million people across the globe, Facebook has made quite a few updates to its page layout since it was first launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg and Friends.

They have been very busy bees trying to keep the future of Facebook marketing ahead of […]

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Your Business Should Be On Google+

If you’re thinking there was a freaky little typo at the end of the title (Hey honey, this moron accidentally put a + at the end of Google. Can you believe the kids these days?) you will be pleased to know that, although there are a lot of things wrong with kids these days, this […]

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Facebook Scams: Dislike

Before I actually start writing the blog post, I want to tell you that there is this new cool app on Facebook that you can download which allows you to add a “dislike” button. It’s super fun and now rather than having to write in a comment to voice your dislike you can just sum […]

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Facebook To Marketers: Drop Click-Through-Rate Like It's Hot

While 99.9% of the marketing world has been content to keep using the standard means of measuring the performance of an online ad–the click-through-rate–Facebook is telling them to drop it. Drop it like it’s hot.
Reach and Frequency
On Monday, Facebook’s Brad Smallwood suggested that for the longest time the market had no way to measure the […]

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The Great Facebook Purge

Facebook’s fake like purge is not exactly something everyone is talking about. Give me time, however, to define “everyone.” Everyone equals 7 billion people. For all of Facebook’s accomplishments, occupying the minds and mouths of everyone in the world isn’t one of them.

However, there is small group of people who are feeling a few of […]

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Read My Lips: YouTube Is the 2nd Largest Search Engine

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last seven years, you have no doubt
browsed through the seemingly endless supply of videos which have been uploaded to YouTube by millions of amateur and professional users. And if you haven’t, go back and live under your rock.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in existence. According […]

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And God Said, "Let There Be Dr. Pepper"?

Dr. Pepper caused quite the stir of excitement on Thursday when they posted an advertisement on their Facebook page which showed mankind evolving from monkeys because of the discovery of a can of Dr. Pepper.

Up until 7:05 P.M. 20,508 people had already liked the post and there were over 2,000 comments. The sources of comments […]

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