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6 Utah Ad Agencies Doing Social Media Right

On the Big Leap blog, we’ve discussed the importance of digital marketing. We’ve gone over the value of social media success and how to measure that success. As professional marketing consultants, we understand the vital necessity of marketing across all platforms in today’s digitally-centered era. With an estimated 3,270,490,584 people using the Internet each day, […]

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A New Trend in Marketing

The release of the third film in the Hunger Games series, “Mockingjay Part 1,” is being hotly anticipated. Their marketing team knows it, and we at Big Leap have noticed. They’ve taken a new direction in their campaign for this film than they have in the past two, and although it doesn’t mention the film’s […]

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6 Ideas For an Awesome Timeline Photo

When setting up your Facebook page and working on a social media campaign, there are two very important decisions to make: What pictures will you use as your profile and timeline photos?  While it is good practice to have high quality and professional photos, why not have a little fun?  I’ve found some really creative […]

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MindDrive: Social Media Fuel

In Kansas City, after-school program students have developed a car that runs off of social media, e.g., tweets, likes, shared, and Instagram.  They need your help to get them from Kansas City to Washington D.C., where they hope to change the educational system.  So what is this organization? The MindDrive Program MindDrive is a non-profit […]

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