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What Organic Reach Drop Means for Facebook

Companies using Facebook as a marketing tool are starting to notice that the organic reach of their posts is significantly declining. This can be frustrating, especially given the fact that for a long time Facebook has been a space where information could be distributed freely. Is this not the case anymore? Why are less people […]

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An Apple Weekend

Last week brought us the much anticipated release of iOS 7 on Wednesday, and the iPhones 5s and 5c on Friday, September 20.  All of these products are breaking records as Apple continues to set industry standards for sales and marketing. But what are consumers saying about these long awaited products, previewed at #WWDC2013?
iOS 7

Apple’s […]

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It's All About Image

MTV hosted their annual Video Music Awards last night and if there is one thing to take away from the night it should be this: Image is Everything. Twitter and other social media outlets have exploded with excitement about *NSYNC’s brief reunion during Justin’s 15 minute musical walk down memory lane as well as criticism […]

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With all the controversy surrounding the National Security Agency’s PRISM program, millions of web users are on the hunt for alternative options. This call for better privacy policies and the assurance of security is making way for certain start-ups to rise from obscurity.
The NSA developed the PRISM program as a way to keep tabs on […]

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Social Media in the Video Game Industry

I’ve been a fan of the video game Kingdom Hearts since it came out. Granted I was a little kid and quite honestly was scared to death of the heartless (monsters in the game) when it first came out. As I have grown older this game franchise has been one of my favorites. The problem is […]

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Apple is at it again. With a sleek new interface for their operating systems and some all new innovations for their hardware, this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote address has generated a lot of buzz in the tech world.
What’s New?
The company detailed 3 major software updates and 2 major changes to the look and function […]

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Equality in Social Media

In the social media world, a huge campaign named STOP THE HATE, has been targeting Facebook this week for allowing demeaning meme of rape and women violence to be posted on its pages.  For a company that prides itself on being a change for good, Facebook quickly took the advice to update its terms and […]

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Yahoo Takes a Tumblr

Tumblr, the popular micro-blogging site, has been acquired this week by Yahoo to the tune of a reported 1.1 Billion dollars. Fans and frequent users of the website are wary of the acquisition and what it means for the future of the popular social media network.
Tumblr the Traitor

Yahoo has been struggling to re-vamp and strengthen […]

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Is Facebook's Graph Search Another Breach of Privacy?

As anyone who uses Facebook probably already knows quite well, the incredibly popular social media website is always coming up with changes and new policies that affect the way the site appears and is used.

While most of these changes cause Facebook fans to grumble amongst themselves for a week or two before getting used to […]

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Foolish Fun

The first of April always brings with it a bevy of brilliant blurbs from businesses across the globe making bogus announcements about their brands.  These corporate capers crowd the internet and can create confusion, but companies continue to connect to their customers with this curious trend.  Here are some hilarious highlights from this year’s hottest […]

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