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How Much Do Google Updates Affect Your SEO?

Every few months, the internet gets particularly upset because Google decided to change something. Fairly regularly, Google updates their search engine algorithm. These updates can be minor, or a complete overhaul of the existing system. The most recent major update was Hummingbird, announced back in September. Since then, however, there have been some minor changes […]

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SMX East

Anyone worth their salt in the SEO industry knows about the Search Marketing Expo conventions held all over the world every year. This week, SMX hits the Big Apple with SMX East.
Search Marketing Expo

Search Marketing Expo, or SMX, is parented by the team at Search Engine Land, a leader in the SEO, SEM, and Social […]

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Good Blog Commenting

Ah, yes, blog commenting.

You didn’t know it carried any SEO weight, did you? Well, it does. Essentially it enables people to get their links up on other sites in an organic way that diversifies a website’s link profile. Google likey. However, it has come to my attention that not everyone understands what qualifies as a […]

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The Google Pipeline

I am not sure how your elementary school worked, but for me the coolest kids were those on the ‘honor roll’.  They were smart and athletic, the teachers loved them, and they were looked up to by the other students.  However, I never made it to the honor roll… and for that reason always had […]

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Debunking Four SEO Myths

SEOers and online marketers are constantly having to deal with updates to search engines. Because of this, you might hear one thing one month and something completely different the next month. This does not mean that any particular person you spoke to was right or wrong. In fact, with the way optimization techniques are evolving, […]

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Will Building Links Too Fast Hurt Your Website's Rankings?

Although the Internet has been available to the public since the 90’s, there is still a large percent of the population that doesn’t understand it isn’t a magic cloud of chaos. There is a method to everything. Nowadays, Google seems to be the equivalent of the Internet in many people’s eyes (with good reason). People […]

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What Does Google's Big Year Mean For Your Business?

Santa was good to Google.

The Internet behemoth reported its first $50 billion annual revenue mark ever, thanks in large part to its successful fourth quarter earnings. (That’s, like, 50 billion burgers off the dollar menu.)  Google’s annual revenue was $38 billion in 2012. (38 billion fries). When I ask, “What does that mean for your […]

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Social SEO Series

Social Link Building

If you’ve been reading in the news about SEO lately, you’ve most likely heard the term “social SEO”. For years social media and SEO have been two separate worlds whose orbits have slowly been drifting together. Now in order to have a good SEO presence, you need to have a fully optimized social […]

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Google Author Ranking

Remember when your teachers told you it didn’t matter who came in first? Or when your coaches told you it was O.K. that you lost the game because you gave it your best shot? Well, Google disagrees. But you know this by now. You’ve become familiar with typing in keywords into the Google search box […]

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It's Best to Be First

We all know that the ultimate goal of SEO is to get to the top. But to the top of what? The purposes of SEO are to get your site to the top of the rankings, on top of your competitors, and in turn to the front of your consumers’ minds.
How Important Is the First Spot?
Although […]

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