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Duplicate Content and Your Search Rankings

Duplicate Content has been a topic of interest in the SEO world for a number of years now and webmasters need to know to what extent duplicate content is allowed and how it will affect their rankings in search engines.  Since the question regarding permissible, duplicate content has arisen many times Matt Cutts, head of […]

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How to Use Google + for SEO

In my blog post last week, I discussed the benefits of using Google + for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I promised that I would write a post this week about HOW to use Google + for SEO, so here you go!

As Social Media continues to develop and dominate the internet, we are seeing a greater […]

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What Factors into Search Rankings?

With Google’s recent announcement that a new algorithm had been rolled out with the Hummingbird update, people have been curious as to what exactly has changed. In short, plenty of things have been added, removed, and altered. Google Hummingbird Update: What You Need to Know sums it up pretty nicely. Now you’re thinking, “That’s great, […]

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