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The Best Social Media Site for Google Rankings

Everyone has their favorite social networking site. First MySpace, then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+ etc. As SEO specialists, there’s one that we should really try to take advantage of, and that’s Google+. In this world of interconnectedness, integration, and being logged into (what seems to be) 50 services at once it’s no surprise that […]

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Google Hummingbird Update: What You Need to Know

What is It? Simply put, the future. Hummingbird marks the most revolutionary update since the Caffeine update in 2010. There have been more recent updates since Caffeine, including the infamous Panda and Penguin Updates. However, Panda and Penguin are better explained as peripheral changes to the then current Google algorithm, while the Hummingbird update is […]

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Essentials For a Good eCommerce Item Page

Web design can be a fine art. Or at least it should be. Too often, I see sloppily thrown together web pages that are just plain…unappealing. Using colors and well done graphic design can be a huge benefit to your page. Especially with product pages. Today though, we aren’t going to talk about that. We’re […]

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