Nine Ways to Measure Social Media Success

After defining your social media goals and launching social media campaigns, it’s vital that you monitor and measure the success of your efforts. These nine tips will help you stay fresh, relevant and successful on social media platforms.

Reach: Social media has an incomparable ability to reach an expansive target audience. By remaining relevant to your […]

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Brand Ambassadors are Better than Celebrity Endorsements

Businesses looking to further their reach online often rely on the fame of celebrities or well-known bloggers to get their name out there. I hate to break it to these businesses, but putting an ad on Perez Hilton’s blog isn’t going to give you the extra push you’re looking for. Your most reliable brand ambassadors […]

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The Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time and What We Can Learn From Them

Quick, before you go to Google to look it up and before you scroll down, can you name the top five most viewed YouTube videos of all time? I thought I knew at least a few of them before I looked it up, but I was actually way off! After you take a minute to think […]

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