The Growing Effect Of Social Media On Marketing

Social media is everywhere and it is changing the way consumers interact with friends, learn new things, follow news stories, and make purchases. Social media will also change your marketing tactics, but in order to adapt your marketing strategies, you need a good understanding of how it has evolved.
What Is Social Media?
Social media is the […]

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Pinterest: Breathing Life Back into your Brand

Pin it, send it, like it… Pinterest is everywhere (hover over that lovely pic to your right… I bet that pretty “Pin it” link appears, right?).  Many love Pinterest because it’s a place to share their hobbies and discover new ones.  It’s the perfect creative outlet for your individual interests… But could it be a […]

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The Dangers of a Company Relying on one Social Media Site

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Google+. Need we go on?

There are more social media platforms than I care to count. It’s almost overwhelming. Some companies might wonder if it’s worth the hassle, wouldn’t it be better if they just chose a platform and stuck with it?

In a word: NO!!!

Here are 4 reasons why you should diversify.
#1 Reach Different People
There […]

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6 Tips for Creating your Brand on Pinterest

No matter what social media platform you use, it is important to understand how it works before you start using it. With Pinterest becoming such a powerful marketing tool, businesses are quickly jumping on the bandwagon and beginning the journey of pinning. The following are some steps you need to take so you begin your […]

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End of Year Review 2013: Social Media

Overall Trends
2013 has been a great year for Social Media witnessing large growth not only in user base but in the ability for social media to meet business needs. Social Media Sites continue to grow more marketing friendly allowing companies to better segment and target users. Targeted users can be serviced ads designed specifically for […]

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Place Pins: Integrating Maps on Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the most prominent social media platforms out there due to the simplicity of finding photos of things that you love. As any good social media site would do, they continue to update and implement new tactics as they see necessary. The newest implementation: Place Pins.
What is Place Pins?
Place Pins is […]

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Stay Pinteresting

“Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” That being said, what better way to capture your target audience than to connect with them on things they love? As a Pinterest user, you have the ability to (1) follow other users and boards with content similar to your own and (2) attract […]

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Fall Fashion Takes a Turn on the Digital Catwalk

J. Crew & Pinterest

Fashion retailer, J. Crew is taking their fall catalog to the digital catwalk via Pinterest.  While the popular site is no stranger to the fashion industry, it is rare for a design label to utilize the social image platform to promote a new line.  This ‘Sneak Peek’ allows buyers to pre-order their […]

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Social Media Through The Lens of Google Glass

Google Glass is looking to make a big splash in everyone’s lives. Essentially a high tech pair of glasses, Google Glass is aiming to bring the internet even closer to our everyday lives by integrating it even further into everything we do.

Google’s goal for the Google Glass is for it to become as ubiquitous as the smartphone. It […]

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Well That’s Pinteresting

The year was 2009. Barack Obama had been sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, Michael Jackson died at age 50, and swine flu was the most terrifying thing people had heard of since the Red Scare.

Oh, and a few guys launched Pinterest, now the fourth highest traffic driving site among Shareaholic’s […]

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