Matt Cutts: More Pages Doesn't Mean Higher Rankings

Matt Cutts recently responded to another  question in his regular Google Webmaster help videos.  The questions that he was asked this past week:

“Does a website get a better overall ranking if it has a large amount of indexed pages?”

The short answer is no.  Having more pages on your website will not guarantee you a higher […]

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The End of PageRank?

Internally at Google, PageRank updates daily. And every three months, the company will push out the information collected to the Google toolbar making the info available to users and webmasters.  The last push of information was back in February, which means that 8 months, or two update cycles, have passed. Is this the beginning of […]

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SEO Benefits of Google +

Although Google has specifically stated that +1’s on Google + have no impact on search rankings,  there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a strong Google + presence significantly impacts SEO efforts. If you are a small business owner seeking to maximize the reach of your brand and increase traffic to your website, optimizing […]

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