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Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

It’s been a few months now since Facebook made the change that drastically affected organic reach, but many marketers are still reeling from the blow. Facebook has made it more and more clear that if you want to reach your fans, then you need to do more than just post to your page. This is […]

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How Do You Measure the ROI of Social Media?

If you ever had to justify a social media budget, then you’ve grappled with this question.

The answer isn’t as simple as you’d think. Traditionally, to measure ROI you calculate the number of leads you generated from your marketing campaign. You track which ones turned into sales. If you can prove that your marketing efforts resulted […]

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Should I Hire One Digital Marketing Company to Do My SEO, PPC, and Social Media?

SEO. PPC. Social Media. These are completely different things, right?

Well, they each have unique components, and they each require a specific kind of expertise. But they are one and the same–digital marketing. You could even take it one step further and call it just marketing.

To be successful, you don’t just need SEO. You’re not going to […]

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New Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

As a small business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to get your product in front of consumers. And, because the world is leaning heavily toward online marketing, it is important to establish yourself on social media. Luckily, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are making it easier than ever to promote your […]

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Stepping Up Your Online Marketing: Content

One day after a long hot run through the Arizona desert, my high school cross-country coach told us a story which went like this: A great gymnast was once asked, “How are you so much better than everyone else?” His reply was, “It’s really logistics.” The reporter inquired for understanding, to which the gymnast said, […]

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Google plus is extremely important for your business. It has both SEO and social media benefits that could push your business to the next level. This month we are discounting all new Google Plus clients 10%. Contact us today by calling 1.801.805.2532 or emailing us at sales@bigleap.com.

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How To Post To WordPress

Our newest video is out! They may not be long or about difficult subjects, but they are still important. This week we dive even further into WordPress and talk about how to create a new post. Look here or our Youtube channel for more useful videos. Links to earlier videos found […]

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Facebook To Marketers: Drop Click-Through-Rate Like It's Hot

While 99.9% of the marketing world has been content to keep using the standard means of measuring the performance of an online ad–the click-through-rate–Facebook is telling them to drop it. Drop it like it’s hot.
Reach and Frequency
On Monday, Facebook’s Brad Smallwood suggested that for the longest time the market had no way to measure the […]

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