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Noah Parks Speaking At HSMAI

We are happy to announce that Noah Parks, VP of Digital Marketing for Leadgenix, will be giving a USA Today seminar this month. The topic is “Hi-Tech for the Hospitality Industry,” and he will be addressing the greater New York chapter of HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International).

Key topics of his discussion will include:

Five […]

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Global Internet Slowdown: Anonymous Takes Credit

Is your internet unusually slow today?  Anonymous, a loosely knit group of internet hacktivists, are claiming credit for a huge cyber-attack against 500 Chinese government websites—ultimately influencing sluggish internet speeds all across the globe.  Who knows how they did it, but Anonymous hacked through the great firewall of China.

According to the monitoring website Internet Traffic […]

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Google Chrome #2 Internet Browser

The browser wars continue: Google Chrome has surpassed Firefox to become the number two world’s most popular internet browser. And who’s in the lead? Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

It is clear that Google Chrome’s marketshare had been slowly creeping up on Firefox for a few months now, but can it actually surpass the top browsing giant to […]

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Twitter in Government – How Twitter Helped Settle the Debt Ceiling Issue

If you still think that Twitter is a useless venture and that people that Tweet are really just twits, you need to sit up and look around, because the world has passed you by. Not only is Twitter here to stay, but it is now being used on a semi-important level… lobbying. As you have […]

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Old Spice Marketing – How Viral Marketing is Working for Them

I am sure by this point in time all of you have seen the current Old Spice Marketing campaign, otherwise you need to first go to http://www.WhyDoIEvenBotherWithTheInternet.com and second go to Old Spice’s YouTube channel immediately and get caught up! Their current campaign came out sometime ago and was a huge hit immediately and has […]

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Around the Globe: Internet Regulation

Several events within the past year show us that Internet usage is a privilege, not a right. Citizens of Egypt, for example, were completely denied Internet access during a series of protests in early 2011. Not only did this cut them off from communicating with family and friends around the country and the globe, but […]

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Internet: Human Rights Necessity

In a move establishing historical global precedent, the UN and the EU have both recently announced that Internet access is a fundamental human right, that cannot be denied under any circumstances.

The organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the UN have both declared that Internet access is a human right in the last […]

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The Reaction of the Internet to the Casey Anthony Verdict

A case that has had media coverage for over three years has finally come to an end. Casey Anthony was acquitted Tuesday for the murder of her two-year old daughter Caylee. The reactions to the case were documented by several social media marketing companies, and social media was the way to share your opinion about […]

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Social Media Helps Find Missing Children

Social media marketing services are proving to be a powerful tool to save lives and find missing children worldwide. Thanks to computers, cellular devices, Wi-Fi, iPads, and anything else with an internet connection, a missing child’s information and picture can be sent and seen across the world to millions of people within seconds.

Back in the […]

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Google Chromebook and the Future of the Internet

Google has announced the Chromebook and made a move into a new market by deciding to launch a physical product. If you don’t know what Chromebook is already, imagine a laptop that can’t do anything but get on the internet. Whether the product is a success for Google or not, the fact that this product […]

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