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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your BuzzStream Account?

BuzzStream. By now, you have heard of it and are mostly likely using it, but are you getting the most out of this link building CRM?

The main goal of BuzzStream is to make the link building process more efficient. It allows you to store prospects all in one place, it gathers relevant prospect site/contact information, […]

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5 Tools Everyone In Digital Marketing Should Be Using

As I’ve gained more experience in the digital marketing industry I’m reminded of a quote.

“I know that I know nothing” – Socrates

Okay, so I know a little bit, but one of the fun things about digital marketing is that it’s constantly changing. Each year there are new techniques to use, tools developed, and search engine […]

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The Secret Life of a Guest Blogger

Guest Blogging Basics
Have you ever heard the saying, “content is king?” Why is that? The answer is simple. When people get online to search for something, more often than not, they need information about a product/service/person, etc. Whether it’s the latest gossip on Kanye West or what kind of shoes would be best for […]

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Bad Link Drama

It happens to all of us. It might have even happened to you. Well, even if it hasn’t, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Google is cracking down on businesses more than ever. Maybe you made some poor link building choices in the past. For one reason or another, our site sometimes gets linked […]

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Surviving a Google Penalty

If your website has ever been hit with a Google penalty, you know firsthand how detrimental it can be to your site and your ratings. Word of advice, get rid of those bad links before they can do anymore damage. But what happens after you remove these links? Does your site automatically rise back up? […]

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3 Unnatural Linkbuilding Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making and How to Fix Them

Quality linkbuilding is getting harder and harder every day. Just when we feel like we finally understand what Google is looking for, Pandas, Penguins, and Hummingbirds come out of nowhere and switch things up for us SEO guys.

With the entire Google Zoo bearing down on potentially unseemly and unnatural linkbuilding tactics, there has been a […]

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Blog Commenting

What’s the difference between a good blog comment and a bad one? Besides the obvious fact that one is good and one is bad.
There are time when blog commenting just needs to get done and you don’t care what you say, that’s where a bad blog comment exists. First off, when you just write a […]

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Link Building – "Bridges"

Link Building can be defined as a connection that is found within one website connecting it with another. Now if you think about that, you can definitely compare it to a bridge. A bridge can be described as an object connecting one side of a large, open area to another. Now, time to state the […]

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What is a Citation?

*UPDATED* June 4, 2015

From day one of my job as an SEO engineer, I sought to help clients rank higher on the local listings section of the SERPs. One of the things that has a huge impact on ranking your business higher is citation-building. What are citations by definition?
The Definition
Moz’s Local Learn Center is an authoritative […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Link Building Part 2

Last week in Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Link Building Part 1 we went over how to decide who your competitor is and how to get their link profile. This week we will cover how to obtain competitive links.

There are a couple different ways to gain competitive links, and they all build on skills you probably […]

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