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How Does PPC Work with My SEO Strategy?

Paid Search and organic search engine optimization are sometimes viewed as two completely different practices. While that might technically be true, it’s good to remember just how entwined they are with each other. PPC and SEO are less like partners in your marketing family and more like siblings or even congenital twins! The yin to […]

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Is Your Marketing Working?

The current definition of marketing is:
“The activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”                                                                                                       –The American Marketing Association, Approved July 2013
That definition puts a lot of focus on the creating awareness part of your marketing and communication, but more and more, businesses today […]

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What I Understand of Fishing and SEO


Every stream and every lake, every babbling brook and raging river, hold within them one fish.  Just one fish that is so massive, fat, well-girthed and scarred by past angler’s lures and flies that they receive a name, Wilbur or Jaws for whatever reason being the most common, and it is given to them by […]

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Designing a Landing Page

Thanksgiving has now passed and the Christmas shopping has begun. People are searching for the best deals and are purchasing more than they have all year. Online advertising can be a great tool in order to get the word out about your special offers and landing pages can be a great tool to help those […]

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Enhance Your Facebook Presence

How many times should you post on Facebook per day as a company? You don’t want to be overbearing, yet you want to come up in your fans’ News Feeds frequently. Here are a few tips to enhance your Facebook presence.
Facebook Posting Tips
The answer is that as soon as you leave the bottom of your […]

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Taking Part in the QR Craze

Did you know QR (Quick Response) Codes have been commonplace in Japan since 1994? These boxy, somewhat revamped bar codes have only made it to the States in the past few years, and they are showing no signs of going away soon.

QR Codes are scanned by smartphone users, and they can be found on everything […]

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Using Facebook Places

By now you are all most likely acquainted with Google places – the services that associate the physical address for a business with map and local based search results – it’s actually a really amazing collection of services for users and business alike (great for businesses because Google is more likely to favorably rank you if you have […]

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Better Convert Visitors into Leads

If you are anything like me you like to compare yourself to others… This can sometimes be unhealthy and detrimental but sometimes it can lead you to evaluate your current position and figure out how to improve it. I do most of my comparisons between my company’s success and other companies’ success. I look at another company […]

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Maximize Your Conversion Rate

These days, so many companies and e-commerce sites are turning to social media marketing services and cheap SEO to drive more traffic to their website.  However, they need to remember to think about the landing page itself and its potential for lead generation.  Here are several tips to maximize your conversion rate.

The content of your […]

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Perfecting Your Google AdWords Call to Action

Advertising online, especially through services like Google AdWords, is usually focused so as to maximize profit margins. Users of Google often have something specific in mind when they utilize the search engine. Many are looking for a product or service that will fill a need that they have. A company that develops its AdWords call […]

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