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With all the controversy surrounding the National Security Agency’s PRISM program, millions of web users are on the hunt for alternative options. This call for better privacy policies and the assurance of security is making way for certain start-ups to rise from obscurity.
The NSA developed the PRISM program as a way to keep tabs on […]

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Courage in Integrity

He was the kid that everyone picked on in grade school.  He dressed funny, had shaggy hair, was socially awkward, and his smell was a weaponized friend repellant.  He tried to make fun of the way I walked once, and then I teased him till he cried.

It happened during recces in fifth grade.  A group […]

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Google Penguin Update Creates Mass Unemployment in India

MUMBAI, India–Protesters outside Google Mumbai are not very happy with the recent algorithm change: Google’s “Penguin” Update. Estimates show that approximately 80% of the world’s link-building efforts were being outsourced to India, and now many of these people are out of a job simply because of Google’s latest changes.

Many Indians believe that their future, as […]

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Global Internet Slowdown: Anonymous Takes Credit

Is your internet unusually slow today?  Anonymous, a loosely knit group of internet hacktivists, are claiming credit for a huge cyber-attack against 500 Chinese government websites—ultimately influencing sluggish internet speeds all across the globe.  Who knows how they did it, but Anonymous hacked through the great firewall of China.

According to the monitoring website Internet Traffic […]

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Hackers Strike Again

What do the CIA, Sony, the U.S. Senate, Nintendo, and the Syrian Ministry of Defense all have in common? Well, their websites have all been hacked in the past few months.

The group responsible for the majority of the attacks, Lulz Security, opposes the computer security industry. They disrupted many corporations as well as local and […]

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Around the Globe: Internet Regulation

Several events within the past year show us that Internet usage is a privilege, not a right. Citizens of Egypt, for example, were completely denied Internet access during a series of protests in early 2011. Not only did this cut them off from communicating with family and friends around the country and the globe, but […]

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Internet: Human Rights Necessity

In a move establishing historical global precedent, the UN and the EU have both recently announced that Internet access is a fundamental human right, that cannot be denied under any circumstances.

The organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the UN have both declared that Internet access is a human right in the last […]

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Top Level Domain Names

What is the value of having a top level domain name? The most common TLD is .com. People usually perceive sites that have a “dot com” domain ending to be the most authoritative, as it is usually a sign of quality web hosting. Despite this, after ICANN’s new changes to TDL regulations, a revolution of […]

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Zuckerberg and Hatch talk Government Control of the Internet

Mark Zuckerberg and Orrin Hatch may not have a whole lot in common, but that is exactly what made a visit by both of them to Brigham Young University campus on Friday so interesting. About halfway through the forum, after Senator Orrin Hatch had asked several questions of Mark Zuckerberg, the young Facebook CEO interjected […]

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Mark Zuckerberg and Orrin Hatch Discuss Technology at BYU

Today I was happy to be in Provo, Utah. Despite the steady snowfall and the coldness Provo had, a basketball team that played amazing in the sweet sixteen, a Jimmer, and now we’re graced with the presence of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook. Today Mark Zuckerberg and US Senator, Orrin Hatch discussed technology […]

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