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The Secret Life of a Guest Blogger

Guest Blogging Basics
Have you ever heard the saying, “content is king?” Why is that? The answer is simple. When people get online to search for something, more often than not, they need information about a product/service/person, etc. Whether it’s the latest gossip on Kanye West or what kind of shoes would be best for […]

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Improve Your Productivity by Creating Your Own Writing Ritual

I grew up watching the Utah Jazz play basketball in the late 90s. This was their heyday, when they reached the NBA finals twice (only to be beaten by Michael Jordan’s Bulls).

One of my favorite players was a shooting guard named Jeff Honacek (current coach of the Phoenix Suns).

Hornacek had a signature move. It wasn’t […]

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Top 4 Local SEO Communities

If you think about how often Google changes its algorithms, you might want to also think about keeping up with internet marketing industry news and updates.  After hearing about Google’s “Pigeon” updating the local algorithm, I decided to increase my local search research habits. I would like to introduce you to four of the most useful […]

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How to Effectively Optimize a Blog Post in 2014

So you have been good and kept up on updating your blog posts. After you’ve written some quality, helpful content and uploaded it to your site you’re done, right? Well, probably not. There are some steps you’re going to want to take to make sure it gets in front of the right audience.

Simply uploading your […]

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Headlines that Pay for Themselves

Your business could write a million posts for your blog and your website and never get a single hit- unless you have an attention-grabbing headline. Your blog could even be the most well-written piece on the most interesting topic in the world, but with a headline like “Get Car Insurance Today,” no one is going […]

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The Importance of Facebook Sponsored Posts

Organic reach has been dropping over the past while. This means less and less of your fans will see your posts in their newsfeed. Alas, what can be done?!? Here at Big Leap, we’ve been using several tactics to maintain a strong Facebook presence. Facebook has given companies a variety of ways to reach their […]

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How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

There are 2 new LinkedIn accounts created every second. 

There were approximately 300 million users as of May 01, 2014 – 100 million of which were in the US.

40% of these 300 million users said the check LinkedIn daily.

So what does this mean for you?  It means you’re a drop in the bucket; however, there are […]

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Say Waaa? Self-Editing your own Blog

As exciting as clicking “publish” on a freshly constructed blog post is, many happy bloggers find their smiles turning upside-down as people start poking fun at typos, misunderstanding jokes, and taking sarcasm seriously.

All these issues are death strokes for bloggers.  And all of them can easily be avoided by a little self-editing.  Check out these […]

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2014 Google+ Local Tips

Google has changed quite a bit for local businesses over the past couple years. Whether your Google business listing is still on the old Google Places page or has been updated to the new Google+ Business page, these Google+ Local tips can help you optimize your listing and boost your local rankings.
Be Personal and Social […]

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Surviving a Google Penalty

If your website has ever been hit with a Google penalty, you know firsthand how detrimental it can be to your site and your ratings. Word of advice, get rid of those bad links before they can do anymore damage. But what happens after you remove these links? Does your site automatically rise back up? […]

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