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That’s Not How to Use a Hashtag

We’ve all seen it. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there seems to always be a few people who are way too aggressive with their hasthag usage. They think that the purpose behind hashtags is to come up with a creative multi-word combination with a # sign in front of it. #suchagreatweekend #bestfriendsforlife or […]

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Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners

Earlier this summer I wrote a post about Twitter no no’s for small businesses. In it, I discussed several common practices that you should avoid if you want your business to find success on Twitter. The next week I followed that post up by discussing how to write the perfect tweet. This week I would […]

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Twitter and Facebook Making Major Changes

Social Networking sites Twitter and Facebook have both announced new features for users which aim to improve the overall experience. Twitter has released its own Twitter Analytics tool for public use and Facebook has officially adopted clickable hashtags in order to better organize topics and monetize searches. The initial implementation of the hashtag on Twitter […]

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Should Facebook Incorporate #Hashtags?

Ever since the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook was thinking about incorporating hashtags into its platform, the internet has been ablaze over the idea. Many people like the idea while others adamantly oppose it. When you think of the # you probably think of either Twitter or Instagram and possibly even Google Plus, who […]

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