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Matt Cutts Scares Us All (Again): A Clarification

On January 20th, Matt Cutts published a blog post entitled “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO”, creating a lot of debate over the true value of guest blogging as well as a decent bit of confusion within the SEO world. Of course, when the head of Google’s Webspam team speaks about SEO, […]

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Does Guest Blogging Have a Future?

To give you the short answer, yes, guest blogging most definitely has a future in the SEO world.  However, your particular style of guest blogging may not.
Dangerous Updates?
Google continues to dominate the search engine business.  They do this by providing the best search experience possible for its users.  Google wants to continue their reign and […]

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How to Create a Valuable Guest Blog Post


Guest Blogging provides one of the safest and worthwhile link building activities in your SEO tool belt.  However, just like tools, Guest blog-posts vary in quality.  You need to make sure that yours are of such quality that they will be valuable to your website for years to come.  A mechanic certainly does not want […]

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The Class of Guest Blogging 101

Guest Blogging was all the rage in the last year and looks to take an even bigger role in this upcoming year for the SEO Internet Marketing scene.  If you are new to Guest Blogging or a seasoned veteran, reviewing the basics is always good to maximize your website.
What is a Guest Blog?
So let’s get […]

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