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Top 4 Local SEO Communities

If you think about how often Google changes its algorithms, you might want to also think about keeping up with internet marketing industry news and updates.  After hearing about Google’s “Pigeon” updating the local algorithm, I decided to increase my local search research habits. I would like to introduce you to four of the most useful […]

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Is the Panda update influencing your site?

How do you organize your office? Are you the creative type that can’t be concerned with filing cabinets? Do you have piles of folders, documents, and receipts scattered throughout your office? Or, are you the meticulous, organized type that has an assigned place for everything?

If you relate more closely with the creative type, perhaps you […]

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How Much Do Google Updates Affect Your SEO?

Every few months, the internet gets particularly upset because Google decided to change something. Fairly regularly, Google updates their search engine algorithm. These updates can be minor, or a complete overhaul of the existing system. The most recent major update was Hummingbird, announced back in September. Since then, however, there have been some minor changes […]

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Google Tools That Can Make a Difference for Your Business

If you’re like me, you probably thought that the only thing Google could do was search for whatever keyword you placed in the search bar. I’m here to tell you that we are both wrong. Google actually has a plethora of different tools that are extremely useful to businesses and entrepreneurs. Here are just a […]

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Recap of Pubcon 2013: General Trends and SEO Practices

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Brett Tabke and Joe Latatro give a recap of the general themes and takeaways from this latest 2013 Pubcon in Las Vegas. To give a little bit of background, Brett (seen to left) is the chair of Pubcon conferences and has been involved in marketing and conferences […]

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What are Google AdWords Extensions?

Google recently announced that they had updated their AdWords tool to show certain ads over others. The algorithm for deciding which ad to display has been changed in order to account for Google AdWords Extensions. After this update, those ads with extensions will be shown over those without extensions.

Now that you know that Google ads […]

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How Do I Start Doing SEO?

SEO is an intimidating topic, and an industry that can seem hard to understand or succeed in. It doesn’t help that SEO is also a constantly changing industry. Every few months there seems to be a new update that is bound to change the way SEO works from the ground up. The most recent of […]

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SEO Benefits of Google +

Although Google has specifically stated that +1’s on Google + have no impact on search rankings,  there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a strong Google + presence significantly impacts SEO efforts. If you are a small business owner seeking to maximize the reach of your brand and increase traffic to your website, optimizing […]

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The Local Algorithm through the Years

So where should you be focusing your energy when it comes to local search tactics? What should you be doing to get your business ranking higher in the Google local search results? Well the answer to that question has changed over the years, and is still evolving.

In the video below, David Mihm, the Director of […]

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Can nofollow Hurt Your Website?

For those unfamiliar with nofollow it is a tag you place on links that removes them from Google’s link graph. Google’s crawlers will ignore the link you have placed and won’t collect information to be passed into PageRank.  Nofollow is generally used on your external links when you feel a site is untrustworthy.  It allows […]

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