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Surviving a Google Penalty

If your website has ever been hit with a Google penalty, you know firsthand how detrimental it can be to your site and your ratings. Word of advice, get rid of those bad links before they can do anymore damage. But what happens after you remove these links? Does your site automatically rise back up? […]

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Google Will Now Display Restaurant Menus in Search Results

Google’s Announcement
Are you hungry? Grab a restaurant menu on Google search results! Google made an announcement on Feb. 28, 2014 that you can “search Google to show you the menu for the eatery you’re considering and you can see it right on the top of your search page—complete with tabs for different parts of the menu […]

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Google is Adding 1,000 More Categories to Places Dashboard

Based on merchant feedback, Google is now making changes to Google Places for Business in order to improve business categories. This change is taking place in order for users to find businesses in international countries. Before this change, most of the categories were available only to U.S. businesses. But now local SEO is being greatly […]

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Google Places for Business Now Allows a Descriptor

Google has made an update to its Google Places quality guidelines. The change specifically occurs in the “Business Name” section of the guidelines and speaks about a business descriptor, which we can now add in conjunction with our business title. It includes the following three guidelines about descriptors:

In addition to your business’s real-world title, you […]

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The End of PageRank?

Internally at Google, PageRank updates daily. And every three months, the company will push out the information collected to the Google toolbar making the info available to users and webmasters.  The last push of information was back in February, which means that 8 months, or two update cycles, have passed. Is this the beginning of […]

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What is the Difference between Google+ Local and Google Places for Business?

So what is all this “Google+ Local”/”Google Places for Business” talk? What is the difference between the two? And do we need to verify our business on both? Let me answer those questions for you.
Google Places for Business
When you verify your business on Google Places, the search engines receive the information you submitted there and […]

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How to Set Up Google Authorship

This past week I watched a webinar from Mike Arneson on Advanced AuthorRank. This was an extremely educational hour of my life, and I hope to pass some of the knowledge I gained onto you. This will help you to understand more of the “why” behind the AuthorRank portion of Google’s algorithm, and how to […]

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Your Digital Afterlife



In the formative years of the web companies, like AOL and MySpace, were enabling users to connect, collaborate, and get creative.  When Facebook and YouTube stepped into the spotlight, these early social media pioneers were left standing in the dust.  

Many users didn’t close their MySpace account; they simply opened a Facebook account and never logged back […]

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Google Glass: Mobile Innovation

Since summer 2012 Google Glass has become a buzzword for the tech and gadget communities.  Google had developed a wearable mobile device intended to create a more hands-free approach to mobile connectivity and communication.  That sounds super cool and very space age, but is this new technology just another passing fad or will it be […]

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What Does Google's Big Year Mean For Your Business?

Santa was good to Google.

The Internet behemoth reported its first $50 billion annual revenue mark ever, thanks in large part to its successful fourth quarter earnings. (That’s, like, 50 billion burgers off the dollar menu.)  Google’s annual revenue was $38 billion in 2012. (38 billion fries). When I ask, “What does that mean for your […]

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