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Google To The Max…And Then Some (Part 2)

I am back with more Google+ love! So you have your Google+ account, you might have even started creating “circles”. That is fantastic. So, let’s pick up where we left off. As a business, your goal is to grow and get more clients. With Google+, your goal should be to establish solid connections with other […]

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We’re excited to announce our involvement in the upcoming conference for small and medium-sized businesses in the electronic security industry. Big Leap is excited to increase our involvement with this important business vertical and to participate with Advisory Summit Providers for this conference held at the one-of-a-kind Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. We look forward to […]

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The Most Practical Resource for Local SEO I've Seen

Lately I have been digging deeper into my local SEO research. I joined the best Google+ communities and forums that are laser-focused on local search tactics; I have been following some of the experts in the local search industry, like the Local Search Dream Team; and it has been very satisfying to finally find the […]

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Why you Should Never Buy Followers, Fans, Likes, etc.

It seems like at least once a week, one of the twitter profiles I manage will gain a new follower that will offer Instagram followers, Facebook likes, Google Plus +1’s, and more. They promise x number of followers for x number of dollars. You may have even considered it. I mean it’s a small price […]

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What to Do with Practice/Practitioner Listings on Google Local

Practice/Practitioner Listings
When dealing with listings on Google Local, or Google Places for Business, sometimes there is a situation where we have practice and practitioner listings–for example, a dentist office with 10 different dentists in it.  You might have a main clinic, and in the same location are more dentists, which individually are their own separate […]

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The Dangers of a Company Relying on one Social Media Site

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Google+. Need we go on?

There are more social media platforms than I care to count. It’s almost overwhelming. Some companies might wonder if it’s worth the hassle, wouldn’t it be better if they just chose a platform and stuck with it?

In a word: NO!!!

Here are 4 reasons why you should diversify.
#1 Reach Different People
There […]

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Are Virtual Offices Okay to Claim on Google Local?

Many know that in order to claim a business on Google Places for Business, it would be ideal to have a real business office at a real physical location. But in some businesses customers don’t ever go to the business; the business comes to them. For instance, a plumber doesn’t have an office where customers can […]

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2014 Google+ Local Tips

Google has changed quite a bit for local businesses over the past couple years. Whether your Google business listing is still on the old Google Places page or has been updated to the new Google+ Business page, these Google+ Local tips can help you optimize your listing and boost your local rankings.
Be Personal and Social […]

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The Number 1 Local Search Ranking Factor

Ever since David Mihm’s The 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors, the whole Local SEO world has striven to make adjustments to their local search tactics in order to get their business ranking higher in the local listings of Google. As many “local” geeks know, the #1 local search ranking factor is “Proper Category Association.”
Proper Category […]

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Google+ Communities: Quantity AND Quality

When it comes to food and college students there will forever be a great debate that rages on:  quantity vs. quality.  Do you get the burrito that doesn’t taste very good but is huge and cheap or go find some real food that is a little pricier but tastes delicious.  For me personally, I always go with the burrito.  Occasionally, a small miracle occurs where the stars align and a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a meal that is delicious, affordable, and in large quantities.  This rare phenomenon has occurred in the social media world. […]

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