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Recent Changes to Facebook’s Advertising Options

As some of you may be aware, Facebook has been making a lot of changes to their ads. While I won’t talk about all of the changes, I’ll detail the ones that I feel are the most pertinent to social media marketing. These are the changes to event advertising and the ability to schedule ads.
Advertising […]

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A Business Facebook Page that is Ready for Success

I think it is fair to say that everyone wants to be successful at whatever they do on social media. But the real question is how do we measure that success? Is it by number of likes or followers on our page? Is it by amount of engagement? Is it by increased traffic to our […]

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Facebook for Businesses: 5 Things you Need to Know

When it comes to businesses using Facebook, there are often many things that are overlooked and not carefully considered. As Facebook is the number one social media site out there, ensuring that your business page is adequately optimized is a must. Here are five ways in which you can best optimize your account to ensure […]

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