5 Ways to Optimize your SEO Copywriting

Whether you are a prolific writer or an SEO guru, there are some tricks you should have up your sleeves to make the most of your SEO content. With Google changing things up all the time, you have to stay on your toes by keeping yourself up-to-date. Here are 5 ways to optimize your SEO […]

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Say Waaa? Self-Editing your own Blog

As exciting as clicking “publish” on a freshly constructed blog post is, many happy bloggers find their smiles turning upside-down as people start poking fun at typos, misunderstanding jokes, and taking sarcasm seriously.

All these issues are death strokes for bloggers.  And all of them can easily be avoided by a little self-editing.  Check out these […]

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Your Reputation Hangs by a Comma

When writing is your bread and butter, everything you put on digital paper can either make or break your reputation. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a blog post for SEO purposes or a sequel to a popular book. People judge your writing on three factors: level of interest, word choice, and grammatical accuracy.
Piece of Interest
Your audience’s […]

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