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How You Create Your Own Internet Experience

Cookies, ads, shopping carts, and search queries. What do these all have in common? Well, they all help form your own personal internet browsing experience. Pretty much everything you do on the internet is stored in your browser’s cookies, and/or stored server-side on each website. This data can be used by Google and other websites […]

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Essentials For a Good eCommerce Item Page

Web design can be a fine art. Or at least it should be. Too often, I see sloppily thrown together web pages that are just plain…unappealing. Using colors and well done graphic design can be a huge benefit to your page. Especially with product pages. Today though, we aren’t going to talk about that. We’re […]

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3 Ways to Improve Your Shopping Cart Conversions

In the world of Ecommerce, there a plenty of difficulties.  One of those problems you may come across is getting a good amount of shopping cart conversions.  Cart abandonment is a common occurence with Ecommerce and in fact about 50% of all shopping carts are abandoned before finishing checkout.  Most successful Ecommerce companies recognize this […]

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Things to Avoid with eCommerce Websites

When you’re fist setting up your website, you may think you can just post all sorts of products and search engine traffic will just come rolling in.  Well, while it is good to have lots of products, you also need to get some optimization in. Unfortunately, Optimization for eCommerce sites can be  a bit harder […]

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