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Should my Website Have a Blog?

You have probably heard mention of the importance of blogging; maybe from a sales email from an SEO company or perhaps your SEO savy friend recommended it. However, you are still wondering if it is worth it. The default answer is yes, a blog is a good addition to your website, however, there are caveats […]

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The How-to of Twitter Analytics

Do you manage a Twitter account for your small business? Do you often get confused as to whom, on Twitter, you should be speaking, and just what exactly you should say? Well, good news! In June of last year, Twitter rolled out a free analytics tool—called Twitter Analytics—that will help you answer these questions for […]

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Analyze Competitors on Twitter Using Twitonomy

It is important to know exactly who comprises your customer base and what it is that interests them. By paying close attention to your competitors on Twitter, you are given a broader glimpse into who you should follow and the content you should share. Luckily, there’s a tool that can help you get a better […]

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Stay Pinteresting

“Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” That being said, what better way to capture your target audience than to connect with them on things they love? As a Pinterest user, you have the ability to (1) follow other users and boards with content similar to your own and (2) attract […]

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Creating Your Own Blog

The excitement of starting a blog can wear off in about .0345 seconds. With the arrogant black cursor incessantly blinking and a whole lot of white space staring you dead in the eye, you may find yourself slowly inching your mouse up to the red “x” at the top of the page rather than writing […]

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SEO Website Design Basics

Have you ever been disappointed in a product after hearing the description in the advertisement? For example, have you ever found yourself saying, “The burger looked bigger in the picture” or “this hotel has a lot more bugs than I read in the description.” The same thing happens in the SEO world with Websites. It doesn’t […]

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