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8 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

As a so called social media “expert,”  I have been asked several times by friends, coworkers, and clients what are the most common mistakes being made by businesses on social media. In an attempt to answer this question simply, I have outlined 8 common themes that I have either learned through my own mistakes or […]

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Focus on your Brand with YouTube

YouTube is by far one of the most visited websites in the worlds. There are thousands of hours of video being uploaded every day. It can be a very productive form of marketing, as many have made careers out of their YouTube channels. But if done incorrectly, it can potentially hurt your company. Focus On […]

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11 Twitter No No's for Small Businesses

If you are reading this, chances are you have decided to introduce your small business to the social media world. Don’t worry, you have made the right choice! A majority of your potential clients/consumers are already using social media and now you have the opportunity to reach them. Twitter is a gold mine when it […]

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