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The Secret Life of a Guest Blogger

Guest Blogging Basics Have you ever heard the saying, “content is king?” Why is that? The answer is simple. When people get online to search for something, more often than not, they need information about a product/service/person, etc. Whether it’s the latest gossip on Kanye West or what kind of shoes would be best for […]

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Headlines that Pay for Themselves

Your business could write a million posts for your blog and your website and never get a single hit- unless you have an attention-grabbing headline. Your blog could even be the most well-written piece on the most interesting topic in the world, but with a headline like “Get Car Insurance Today,” no one is going […]

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Say Waaa? Self-Editing your own Blog

As exciting as clicking “publish” on a freshly constructed blog post is, many happy bloggers find their smiles turning upside-down as people start poking fun at typos, misunderstanding jokes, and taking sarcasm seriously. All these issues are death strokes for bloggers.  And all of them can easily be avoided by a little self-editing.  Check out […]

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Finding Pictures for Your Blog Just Got Easier!

If you’ve blogged in the past, or are considering starting a blog, you might’ve already thought of ways to make it more appealing for your readers. One of the surefire ways to improve your blog is relevant and eye-catching pictures. However, you’ll find pretty quickly that finding free-to-use, quality pictures can be pretty hard to […]

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Deep Linking Tips part 1

Deep linking is a thing you most likely already know about if you have any SEO knowledge. Building links for internal pages to more internal pages.  Getting even more sites to link to those pages and so on it goes. I want to share a few insights that just might help you improve your deep […]

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