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The War on Spam

Google is in a constant battle against an army of spammers that is taking place across the internet. A spammer is anyone who is using tactics unapproved by Google’s guidelines to cheat their way into a higher spot on the results page of Google. Google is doing their best to stop spamming by setting rules […]

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It's All About Image

MTV hosted their annual Video Music Awards last night and if there is one thing to take away from the night it should be this: Image is Everything. Twitter and other social media outlets have exploded with excitement about *NSYNC’s brief reunion during Justin’s 15 minute musical walk down memory lane as well as criticism […]

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An SEO tip: Keyword placement

The other day, I was (per usual) browsing the web, reading blog posts, commenting on interesting ones and generally surfing the web.  I ran into a blog post on  Please follow the link yourself and give it a quick read.  The article is actually decently written ; Informative and interesting to read.  But there’s […]

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Courage in Integrity

He was the kid that everyone picked on in grade school.  He dressed funny, had shaggy hair, was socially awkward, and his smell was a weaponized friend repellant.  He tried to make fun of the way I walked once, and then I teased him till he cried. It happened during recces in fifth grade.  A […]

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Possible Discount for Infographic Links

We all love a good infographic. They are bright, fun, and visually appealing. They are interesting, detailed, and have information that makes them especially shareable. People naturally want to share infographics, and because they contain links, companies are eager to produce them. A company will study tips on making a successful infographic and will search […]

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How to Avoid Black Hat SEO

JC Penny’s recent black hat SEO debacle with Google probably has a lot of businesses wondering if the companies they’ve hired are entirely honorable as well, as many SEO companies wondering if the tactics they thought were harmless will get them in trouble. The example of JC Penny was yet another reason not to engage […]

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