How to Track the Progress of Your Website

Over the past month, I’ve written several articles guiding you through some steps to technically optimizing your website. From metadata, to website structure, to using some Google Developer tools, you should have a good understanding of some basic technical optimization.

Well, now that you’ve spent a few hours getting your feet wet by building websites, familiarizing […]

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Twitter and Facebook Making Major Changes

Social Networking sites Twitter and Facebook have both announced new features for users which aim to improve the overall experience. Twitter has released its own Twitter Analytics tool for public use and Facebook has officially adopted clickable hashtags in order to better organize topics and monetize searches.

The initial implementation of the hashtag on Twitter has […]

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Facebook Graph Search and Google Analytics

As I was putting together a report this morning for one of my clients, I noticed something strange: there was a HUGE surge of traffic from Facebook. The funny thing? This client doesn’t even have a Facebook account tied to this new domain we’re working on. Or, so I thought.
Experimenting with Facebook Graph
Just to be […]

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Google Remarketing Is Getting Much More Targeted

I’m pretty sure that most people today are aware that they are constantly being targeted by advertisers. You can’t watch a television show without a commercial or drive to the store without seeing a billboard.

Advertisements are everywhere, but did you know that they’re sometimes targeting you based on what websites you’ve recently visited? And that’s […]

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Google Analytics in Real-Time

Google Analytics has a new function with its recently added Real-Time capabilities: it is “a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.”

So why is this so great? Well, site administrators can now track how well campaigns are doing in real-time instead of seeing the results after the fact […]

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The Internet 15 Years Ago

What would happen if we took the fast, organized, modern version of the Internet today and went back to the 1996 version. I for one would probably pick up some bad swearing habits. The internet has come a long way in the last 15 years, helping to revolutionize the way we live. Things like eCommerce […]

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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads

The great thing about putting an ad up on Google is that you know you’re going to be seen. Google is the number one most visited site on the web and when you create an ad with Google you will get seen on thousands of other websites that use Google Adsense. You will also […]

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Sharing Content Via Social Media

When you find something on the Internet that is funny, informative, or interesting, what is one of the first things you do? You share it. Sharing content via social media has opened up a whole new way to offer social media marketing services.

You are probably familiar with the sharing buttons that are often available with […]

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What is Google Correlate?

You are likely already familiar with Google Trends, Google’s tool to track search volume around the world and in various languages. In effect, Google Trends is a way for site managers to analyze trend data via different search terms.

On the other hand, Google Correlate is the reverse of Google Trends. This tool allows for users […]

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New Google Analytics Features Released

Google Analytics released several new additions to their website monitoring software this month. Now you can incorporate these new features to meet all of your SEO needs.

Analytics HD: Google Analytics is now available as an application for your iPad. You can access all of your SEO and PPC information on the go no matter where […]

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