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Storytelling with Content

The character is alone, unaware, and you know something she doesn’t. It makes you want to yell at the top of your lungs just to save her, but you don’t. WHY? Because you’re curious, so curious that you are only a chapter in but you are turning the pages like a madman…just trying to find out what happens next! And that my friends, is storytelling!

Storytelling to Revamp your Content

All of us have read content on the internet that is dry, far from engaging, and all-together boring as the day is long. This sort of blasphemous copy has been around for centuries and should have been left there, but sadly many continue to hide behind it fearing the true effort and soul it takes to unlock the hidden art of storytelling.  The goal of almost every writer, is to be read and the only way you can do that is by engaging your writer, letting them see into your mind, if only for a moment, and ultimately induce them with a flood of emotions.

Opening Up

In storytelling it is easy to just hold back and talk about the same old damsel in distress with the fire breathing dragon. It takes much more for a writer to go deep and open up a new paradigm for readers to peer through. In communication it is virtually impossible to make a deep and lasting impression on people with the simple formalities and surface greetings. It takes depth and soul to reach out to people. This is the same with writing. Likewise, it takes depth for a writer to get outside of the mundane, mediocre, malnourished box many lack-luster writers hide in; to give birth to a truly phenomenal story.

Read your Audience

A great storyteller doesn’t just know the audience, he reads them; their emotions, memories, and desires all play a role in the words he uses. In copywriting this means that you become a true detective and figure out what is going on the minds of customers and clients alike and how past content has failed or succeeded.  This is just the beginning of making a story memorable.

Clear and Concise

In copywriting you often don’t have the luxury of hundreds of pages to tell your beautifully drawn-out story. Every word has to be methodically placed and used in a way that paints a picture fast. Using the right words at the right time is paramount to storytelling.


The goal of most of your stories is to persuade your reader one way or another. Maybe you are selling a service or a product. Whatever it is, you need to have your story relate to the customer on their terms. Don’t even try forcing your terms down other people’s throats, it just doesn’t work.

Reality Sells

In copywriting people are going to be looking for what is real, whether it is real people or real results. When you keep things real conversion rates are bound to sore!

Don’t be trapped in your box as a writer. Get out and unlock the secret art of storytelling! Every writer’s story will be told differently but when you apply these simple steps, your stories will grip the curiosity of readers everywhere, persuade them to a course of action, and ultimately sell like mad. And with an ending like that, the greats will be bound to be tipping their hats to you!

Photo credited to Stuart Rankin

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director