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Go the extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

One day after a long hot run through the Arizona desert, my high school cross-country coach told us a story which went like this: A great gymnast was once asked, “How are you so much better than everyone else?” His reply was, “It’s really logistics.” The reporter inquired for understanding, to which the gymnast said, “Over the past 7 to 8 years I have shown up 15 minutes early to practice and left 15 minutes after everyone else.   This small effort on my part added up over the years to give me a huge advantage.”

I am convinced that this is the same for Online Marketing as well.  Going the extra mile can be the difference between success and failure for a website.  So what can you do to give that extra 30 minutes?  One way to give a little more to your website is in your content.

Content: Be Different

Lately in the world of SEO, the content has become one of the biggest factors in rank on all search engines.  This is no longer an SEO secret, as most companies are thinking of blogs, content enhanced home pages, guest blogs, etc.  So with everyone fighting for content, how can you come out on top?

First, do not duplicate content!  You want to have unique content that makes people want to read about you and come to your website time and time again.  This is achieved by unique value-added content, to learn more read ‘Content Duplication for Disaster’.

Think Outside the Content Box

Next, come up with an interesting way to display your content.  This can include graphs,

Don't get stuck in the box!

Don’t get stuck in the box!

photography, interactive tools, comics or slides, forum and so on.  Think outside of the content box!  Also, be consistent and give people a reason to come back to your site.

Creating fresh content is difficult while running your company but

it is extremely important for your success online.  Getting a Search Engine Optimization expert to work on your site is the best way to save time and get fresh interesting content on your site.

Moral of the story, show up early, leave a little later, and think outside of the content box!

Photo Credit: I Like It Simple, Slagheap via Photopin Cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director