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Just this week Google announced the use of star to be extended to places in their local results.

In March, Google introduced these “stars in search” to their regular listings. These stars allow you to star websites and now places that you like so that you can rediscover them later.

This can be very beneficial, especially if you are going on a trip and you previously planned and starred your activities and say you forgot your itinerary at home, you can pull up these starred places at your hotel computer or your phone. You don’t even have to remember that you had originally starred something.

These stars sync to your Google Bookmarks and Google Toolbars so you can always see your starred items. All you have to do to access the starred items is to go to using your phone browser or in the Google Maps for mobile application. The starred items will show up automatically because you signed in with the same account on your desktop computer and phone.

This is an easy way for Google to allow people to personalize and remember their favorited sites without changing the results of Google and Google Places organic search results.

So star away and rediscovery your favorite local results.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director