Spreading the KeywordLuv

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KeywordLuv is a wordpress plugin that those of us concerned with search engine optimization absolutely adore. Today I thought we would discuss KeywordLuv and take a little dive into the world of dofollow blogging and link building. Sound good?


What is KeywordLuv? KeywordLuv allows you to comment on blogs and include your real name as well as create good anchor text for a link back to your website. In the name box of a blog comment form you would enter:
Dave @ local listing optimization

Keyword Luv takes everything after the @ and turns it into a link so it ends up looking like this:
Dave from local listing optimization says…

This allows you to use your keywords freely, get the link, and not have your comment look completely spammy. Its like love for you keywords. Hence the name.

Usually a blog will let you comment by filling out a few boxes; one for your name, one for your email, and one optional box for your website url. When the website box is filled in the text from the name box automatically becomes a link back to your website.

Its a great way to generate links but ranking for the keyword Dave doesn’t help you out too much in terms of SEO. This usually leads to people filling out the name box on non Keywordluv blogs with things such as halloween costumes, or dentist in arkansas, which looks really spammy and uncool.

Thats why its KeywordLuv is so cool. Blogs that use KeywordLuv are almost always dofollow blogs so they give you quite a bit of link juice. Commenting on blogs is great from an SEO perspective because it contributes to link diversity. Links from commenting carry more weight than links on the side bar or a footer of a website because they end up in the main body of a page.

So there are a lot of great reasons to comment on blogs to help optimize your site. KeywordLuv only makes that process of link generation easier. So when you’re out there in the blogosphere pay close attention for blogs that have comment forms like this:

keywordluv blog

And pay special attention to the KeywordLuv indicator at the bottom.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director