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Social Link Building

Social Link Building

If you’ve been reading in the news about SEO lately, you’ve most likely heard the term “social SEO”. For years social media and SEO have been two separate worlds whose orbits have slowly been drifting together. Now in order to have a good SEO presence, you need to have a fully optimized social media presence as well.

Here is an in-depth study on how social SEO will shape the future of online marketing. We will be presenting this series in several different pieces so you don’t get bored with me (or so I can spread out the suffering–your choice ;) ).

Really Really Short Definitions

First off, here is the quickest rundown on SEO you’ve ever heard. SEO is earning high rankings on Google to get more traffic to your site. More traffic = more sales, end of story.

And as a follow-up act to my SEO definition, I present social media’s:

Social media is connecting with people online through some sort of dialogue. Better relationships (aka social media) with customers = more happy customers = better customer retention = more referrals = etc… Get the picture? Excellent.

Now that we all know what SEO and social media are, let’s dive into social SEO and how your social presence will directly affect your Google rankings.

The Old Ways of Link Building

The name of the game in SEO used to be (and still is a good portion, but in a different way – we’ll get to that…) getting links to point to your website. The website with the most keyword rich anchor text links (that blue underlined text that links to other websites) would generally have the highest rankings.

Link BuildingThat was really the main strategy for most people in SEO. They searched high and far for these links. They commented on blogs with highly-intelligent remarks like, “Nice article, check out my site!” and “I found your website online and shared it with everyone!” They never forgot to drop a link back to their own site and, well, if you’ve ever run a blog you know what I’m talking about.

This is also where link farms, purchasing links, and other great ways to get your site blacklisted (banned) on Google nowadays came from. People would do anything for a link. Well, almost anything…(and if you’re curious about even more link building practices that will hinder rather than help your rankings, check out this article about how to avoid black hat SEO.)

The average Google Engineer makes almost $130K as a starting salary. All this means is that they are smart enough to figure out how to detect a link farm or people buying tons of links on Fiverr (a site where you can buy anything for $5).

I am also proud of bloggers for figuring out how to not approve all meaningless comments on their site, which has helped the online world as a whole (now stop posting cat pictures and I’ll be more pleased than the Reddit comments on r/aww). With all these things combined, most marketers had to figure out a new way of proving their website’s worth to Google.

Social Media Enters The Picture

This is where social media comes into the picture. With Twitter and Facebook, you can spread the word about that amazing article (that even Mashable should pick up – hint hint ;) ) you just published on your blog and people might share it. If you do a great job and have loads of loyal Twitter followers, you could get retweeted a bunch and BAM – you have links and actual people coming to your site.

The more your article gets shared through social channels = the more links you get to your site = the more authoritative you look to Google = higher rankings = more traffic = more business = more money = better Christmas presents this year… you get the picture.Social media has combined with SEO efforts to make Social SEO

Links are not the only way that social SEO has been a game changer in the online marketing world, but that’s all I’m talking about today. Check back in the future for the follow-up articles on social SEO and what that means for you.

I’m going out on a limb that everyone reading this loved the article. So I fully expect only remarks full of praise in the comments section below ;) In all honesty, please leave a comment with your honest opinion and any questions you may have.

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