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Facebook ButtonMore and more companies are starting to realize that a social media presence is a wonderful way of communicating with and finding new customers. As soon as this idea dawns on them, they run out and join Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Youtube. They spam people left and right with new deals and offers and updates about their business. After a month however, they usually quit and decide that social media didn’t get them anywhere.

The businesses that I mentioned above, are businesses that don’t understand social media and need to change their whole perspective on the matter. With social media, companies need to step back and think like people, not like a company. I have come up with two important keys to utilize social media for you and your company; they are called the two I’s of Social Media: Interact and Incentivize.

Let’s tackle interact first.

Twitter ButtonTo show your customers that they are speaking with a real person, you need to interact and speak with your customers. Comment on their posts and talk to them about topics not necessarily related to your product. Think about what kind of information you would like to receive once or twice a day and then pass it on to your followers or fans. The second you sound spammy, is the instant that you start to loose the respect and interest of everyone getting your feeds. Make sure you sound like a person and prove that you can talk to people.

Now for the incentivize part.

Social media is a great place to run campaigns that include games, prizes, competitions. When you give people a reason to sign up for Facebook, then they’ll sign up and have a positive attitude towards you and your company. People always have to have a reason for doing anything, and if you want them to purchase your product, view your web page, or even just look at a recent blog post, you have to give them an incentive.

This is just a small outline of things to keep in mind, but they will take you past that first month stump and on to a wonderful social media future.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director