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Headhunters want less and less to do with an actual resume and how you portray yourself through social media. With the intent to discover potential employee’s REAL identity, social media outlets provide a fleshed out picture of who you are and what you have to offer them.

Recently in an article placed on Forbes Magazine titled “5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years” a movement is occurring with companies looking at how you present yourself while you are off the clock. Companies want to know more than just who you are while you are there but can you carry forth their image outside of work.

The Social Media Breakdown:

  1. The use of social networking sites is growing exponentially while the use of email is plummeting. Why is this important? Think about it. With the increased use of social media companies will use this as a way to communicate with you.
  2. Traditional search options for jobs are just fading out. In order for people to remain a force to be considered in the world it is necessary that you have a way to draw people to you! What makes you stand apart or what accomplishments do you have that you can broadcast to the world that would make you different? Think outside the box and let others see it.
  3. People aren’t sticking with the same job their entire life. It is important to treat your job as a springboard into something bigger and better. No one stays at the same company their whole life anymore. Job security is next to nothing and it has become second place for people to be laid off. So with that being said, brand yourself, stand out and use your social media to help do that.
  4. Resume generators are the new cookie cutters. If you just google the phrase “Resume Generator” there are so many tools out there now that can spit out a hip, interesting, 2D piece of paper. There is nothing that it can say that can make you stand apart. I agree with this because I would rather show people my passion and experience rather than just tell them and you can do it – through a social media outlet.
  5. Passion is everything to headhunters. What is your driving force? What makes you happy? What is helping you to achieve the next big thing? Think about it. No one wants a stick in the mud but people who are passionate about whatever and whoever. So make it happen. Be passionate and help yourself stand out on your facebook, twitter, or blog.

Social Media replaces the Resume - Office With Big Windows

Overall, the article was great. If you are ahead of the ball and have already been doing these things and considering your online presence, kudos to you. But you haven’t yet – which is more often than not what the case is – take some time to invest in your internet presence. Just think of the nice cushy job that you could land right?



Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director