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Google GlassGoogle Glass is looking to make a big splash in everyone’s lives. Essentially a high tech pair of glasses, Google Glass is aiming to bring the internet even closer to our everyday lives by integrating it even further into everything we do.

Google’s goal for the Google Glass is for it to become as ubiquitous as the smartphone. It would essentially make many tasks we usually do on the smartphone become easier and more convenient to access. Many wonder at the true accessibility and utility of the Google Glass, but as Google goes forward with more public tests, its applications are becoming clearer.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google Glass


Social Media through the Google Glass is something millions of people are looking forward to. One of the Social Media giants, Facebook, has been busy ensuring a clean, universal user interface across all platforms. Android’s Facebook Home, along with numerous updates for iOS and internet browsers shows their dedication to a current user experience.

Twitter must be soon to follow this trend of increased third party support for the Google Glass to keep up with Facebook. Where Facebook and Twitter go, others follow. Once Google Glass gains traction and releases officially, there will no doubt be Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr apps either available for download or built in at launch.Recent news includes Facebook launching their official app for Google Glass. Taking pictures, updating statuses, and managing requests can now be done through a native app made by Facebook’s developers.

Social Media

A New Platform for Your Social Networking?

Google Glass’s built in display, and 5MP camera will be able to snap photos and record 720p video on the fly and upload to your favorite site with a simple command. What this means for Facebook’s ongoing privacy notoriety or what the consequences for copywrited material will be, remains to be seen.

Whether Google Glass will succeed in replacing the smartphone in tasks such as recording videos, taking pictures, tweeting, and updating statuses cannot be determined yet. What we do know, however, is that Google is prepared for the Google Glass to completely overhaul the Social Media environment that has grown and developed on smartphones, and transition it to a new platform.

Photo Credit: Ted Eytan, Jeff Turner, Lucas Leite

Jamie Bates
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