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What is the purpose of social media, and why does it seem so popular the last few years?  Although social media marketing is a great stand-alone marketing strategy, there are several reasons for this growing trend.  One of the biggest reasons for the surge in social media marketing is that it actually helps with search engine optimization.  Here are three ways this relationship prospers:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media + SEO

Reason #1:  Quality, relevant, inbound links–Any successful social media campaign can result in a big increase in the traffic to your site.  Because of these original links that are not bought or reciprocated, your site’s ranking will improve as a result of these efforts.

Reason #2: Reputation Management–Having a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and/or Digg account (among many others) gives people an opportunity to talk about you, your company, and your product or service.  And when potential customers see other people talking, they are more likely to act on their curiosity.

Also, many of these social media sites already rank well on the search engines.  This can be great for you if people are talking positively about you; however, this can also hurt you because this makes you more susceptible to negative comments being made about your brand image.  Just be careful with your moderation of these outlets, and they could work very well for you.

Reason #3: Social Media site ranking–If you are having trouble getting your new site to rank, try ranking it on a social media site instead.  Of course, this is not better than having your own site rank; however, it can be a good head start when you are thinking that it will take some time for your site to rank without social media.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director